Become a Beautiful Badass!

Become a Beautiful Badass!Click Image To Visit SiteBeautiful Badass – [byoo-tuh-fuhl bad-ass] an awesome lady who builds and maintains the body she wants, the sane and simple way. 

A Beautiful Badass performs motivating workouts while focusing solely on improving her performance. She knows that improving her performance and getting stronger is the best way to build the body she wants, and she has a ton of fun in the process.

A Beautiful Badass does not diet, follow OCD eating habits, or get overwhelmed with the surplus of conflicting information. She applies simple, flexible nutrition guidelines that allow her to improve her physique and health, all while maintaining her sanity.

A Beautiful Badass achieves maximum results in minimum time and doesn’t revolve her life around the gym or a regimented eating schedule.

This is the biggest myth in the world of female strength training. Practically every female client I’ve had was hesitant to start lifting heavy weights because she was terrified she’d end up huge and overly muscle bound. Unfortunately, that myth is still alive and kickin’.

That’s me, Nia Shanks. On the left I’m deadlifting 330 pounds. That is 2.64 times my bodyweight. And as you can see, you wouldn’t use the term “big ‘n bulky” to describe me.

I’ve been lifting weights for over 10 years now. And the only thing that happened as I added more and more weight to the bar over the years was my body changing for the better. I lost body fat. I built some sexy muscle. My self-confidence sky-rocketed. In short, working out like a Beautiful Badass allowed me to build the body I truly wanted, and I was having a blast doing so because the workouts were so motivating.

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