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C.L.A.S.S.-Classified Listings Advertising Secret Sources-SLAP Craiglist & PPC- Advertise Free!Click Image To Visit SiteIn the quest for affiliate income and financial success online, have you been looking for a way to earn money that isn’t full of empty promises and hyperbole? Sick of the scammy methods and dubious ‘techniques’ sold to you by equally scammy "gurus"? Fear no more. This is a method that will guide you to getting the most bang for your buck in online advertising. And by “bang for your buck”, I mean for FREE! Yes, the elusive, magical word of advertising.

Why is free advertising a big deal? Well, simply put, it is the holy grail of marketing. Whether it’s word of mouth or viral advertising, we all wish we could get effective advertising at the lowest cost possible. As it is, we are stuck with other expensive methods of advertising; Pay Per Click (PPC), banner advertising, media buys, etc. Well, the advent of free advertising is never more attractive as it is in this day and age. Why? Because of the high costs of PPC ads.

If your profits do not rise in proportion to your advertising costs, you lose money!

Why is an alternative to PPC advertising needed? Simple. It costs too much. Who wants to have to spend $500 dollars to test out a campaign’s profitability? To place ads and see if you can break even? See if you don’t lose your shirt? And if that doesn’t work, try out 19 other campaigns before you “come up with a winner and drop the losers”? That ain’t exactly fun, and it’s kind of expensive.

Now this isn’t to say PPC advertising doesn’t work. It works and it works well, but it takes careful testing and tracking (and losing money at first) to become profitable. Not to mention having to deal with the… Read more…

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