Jul 01

Real Estate Squeeze Page

Real Estate Squeeze PageClick Image To Visit SiteBut before I do, let me ask a question: How freakin’ hard is it, getting a professional squeeze page set-up?

I run a web design company, called Philadelphia SEO (on top of being a real estate investor myself) and I’ve got real estate investors practically begging me for solid squeeze pages, something specific for THEM, They DO need something – the standard rubbish everyone is selling just isn’t working.
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Jun 27

How To Make Perfume and Fragrances – Wholesale Body Oils – Start Your Own Perfume Business

How To Make Perfume and Fragrances - Wholesale Body Oils - Start Your Own Perfume BusinessClick Image To Visit SiteA small vial of perfume oil can cost you as little as .75 cents, but its value to your customer can be as much as $10-$125!!!!! Yes $125!! The retail price at my shop was $8 per bottle for the smallest size of perfume oil and $40 for the largest. Can you see the potential in this?

Have you noticed the surge in perfume oils being sold in boutiques and department stores over the last couple of years? Initially there were only 3 popular brands. You may be familiar with them. They are usually only sold in exclusive boutiques like Fred Segal, Henri Bendel and Sephora — Child, Kai and Clean. Today, if you just take a quick browse through any department store or Sephora you’ll see dozens more perfume oils being sold by major brands like Lavanila, Philosophy, Stella and more.
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Jun 23

Tick Data Suite – Birt’s EA review

Tick Data Suite - Birt's EA reviewClick Image To Visit SiteIf you were expecting a flashy sales page, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The Tick Data Suite is geared towards individuals who are not impressed by huge colored and possibly flashing text, so all that you will read below are facts that you should know prior to purchasing your copy.

Backtesting Forex strategies is certainly one of the most efficient ways of gauging their profitability potential. I would go as far as saying it’s THE best way unless you’re in possession of very extensive forward testing results. However, with Metatrader 4 – the most popular Forex platform nowadays – backtesting is inherently flawed. Metatrader 4 does not store the actual ticks coming from the broker’s server; the best data at its disposal is data from the M1 timeframe – it only has the open, high, low, close and number of ticks for each minute. So, if it only has these for values, you might be wondering how does it produce the ticks that happened within each minute and the answer is easy: it generates fake ticks through interpolation based on the tick count for each minute. If you didn’t understand what’s the problem yet, I’ll point it out for you: the ticks generated this way are not the real ticks, they are essentially fake ticks! Not only that, but Metatrader 4 is only able to backtest your robot using the fixed spread, whereas all good brokers nowadays use variable spread! It simply uses the current spread of your broker so, for example, if you’re testing an Asian scalper robot during the day, the results will be completely misleading.
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Jun 22

Forex Sniper Pro – Indicators that Work for Metatrader MT4

Forex Sniper Pro - Indicators that Work for Metatrader MT4Click Image To Visit SiteWhat would you do with a HIGH-POWERED Forex System that’s SO SIMPLE to understand… so EASY to use, that literally ANYONE could pick BUY/SELL Entries into the Market like a Highly-Skilled and Trained PROFESSIONAL?

An indicator set and Forex trading system so accurate and so powerful that it backtested with 90.17% Winners, over a 10 year period, on 2686 trades!
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Jun 17

The Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System

The Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple SystemClick Image To Visit SiteThe Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System

is a very simple manual system that uses indicators based on color and a special volatility window that gives you buy and sell triggers based on the force of the price action.
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Jun 15

..:: 4xStrategy.net ::.. FOREX Signale

..:: 4xStrategy.net ::.. FOREX SignaleClick Image To Visit SiteWir haben neue Anleitungen hochgeladen und auf mehrere E-Bücher bzw. Webseiten verteilt. Wir bitten Sie, diese Anleitungen zu nutzen und wenn Sie Verbesserungsvorschläge haben, uns diese mitzuteilen.

Alle Aleitungen – vom Download bis zur Anwendung der Signale – sind als .pdf Datei und als Webseite hier im Backoffice verfügbar. Klicen Sie dazu oben im Menü auf "Anleitungen".
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Jun 13

The Money In Your Mind – Why The Rich REALLY Keep Getting Richer…

The Money In Your Mind - Why The Rich REALLY Keep Getting Richer...Click Image To Visit SiteIn just 15 days (watching only one video a day), you will be well on your way to REAL, lasting wealth.  Imagine what it’s like when you…

Igor-Alexander Ledochowski’s The Money In Your Mind is much more than a typical "abundance consciousness" course. It’s a complete learning and action system that puts you "in synch" with true wealth:
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