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Diablo 3 The Ultimate Barbarian, Monk, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter and Wizard Guides - Gimmic GamingClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever bought a piece of gear in the Auction House and realized that you spent everything you had to barely make any difference in your character’s game play? How about thinking you have an awesome set of gear and when you search the Auction House, its combined value is less than the next upgrade you want?

Look guys, I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to barely push any DPS because I thought more life would help me survive. After that, I thought, maybe more Life on Hit, Critical Hit Damage or running with a shield would help. That’s when I thought; maybe that’s why the Legendary gear is so expensive? That didn’t do anything but deplete my gold! Then I figured it out…

I realized the dirty little secret that was holding me back… I was looking at each item individually, when I should have been analyzing my character as a whole. I started creating builds with every item in mind, not just a certain weapon or chest piece. It was no longer a matter of finding the perfect item that would fix my build, but instead, finding the perfect combination of builds and complimentary gear. With budgets as low as 180,000 gold, I could equip a character capable of taking on Inferno Diablo himself!

Now, after extensive class research, countless hours of market research and weeks of time played on each class, I bring to you the definitive guide to the class of your choice!

Each guide comes with addtional builds and gear requirements for each class! There’s no need to get bored with Diablo 3! I’m still having a blast killing Zombies and Demons! Try one of my new Builds. These Builds have everything you… Read more…

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