Dugi Gold Academy for World of Warcraft – Dugi Guides™

Dugi Gold Academy for World of Warcraft - Dugi Guides™Click Image To Visit SiteJust released!, Dugi Gold Academy is a revolutionary Video Gold Guide that teaches you, step by step, how to create your own wealth in World of Warcraft.

This extensive training course is designed to teach complete beginners how to become gold making experts faster than any other gold making guide.

You will learn gold making methods and secrets used by the Elite players of Warcraft. You can look, learn, practice, and master these advanced techniques wherever you may be.

These are yours absolutely free!, you can get them by entering your email in our newsletter and check out our high quality content.

Step-by-step video tutorial that shows where to download from and how to install the AddOns that I recommend in the guide. AddOns, like Auctioneer or Postal, are very useful tools that can dramatically boost your gold making efforts.

Tiny Treasure farming is still profitable in Mist of Pandaria gold/hour rate and surprisingly not many people are aware of their gold potential. Use this technique if you urgently need gold or you need to build up your capital gold to play the Auction House game.

As a gatherer you are guaranteed to make Gold for your time, but you will need to setup GatherMate and Routes addons to maximise your time searching for the nodes.

In this video I show you a typical day of one of my Bank Alts and an introduction to Auctioneer color coding. I’m just scratching the surface, but hopefully you will see how playing the auction can be very easy and fast.

This eBook offers the economic blueprint for World of Warcraft. Laying out the steps for increasing your gold, your assets, and your status, this guide will present you with the inner workings of the maze that is the… Read more…

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