GavsGuide – Fastest SWTOR Class Leveling System

GavsGuide - Fastest SWTOR Class Leveling SystemClick Image To Visit SiteLeveling up to 50 in Star Wars: The Old Republic can feel like forever. Racing from planet to planet, picking up missions, defeating enimies, getting lost in the process, then having to Back Track.

"You are just as likely to spend your time figuring out where to go, as you are doing missions."

This game is set within an Entire Galaxy after all. With hidden bonus items stashed throughout. You could be walking right past them without even knowing they were right next to where you’re leveling. Only to come back looking for them long after you’re level 50.

It’s not uncommon to run into an area where the mobs are tougher than you were expecting, end up dying over and over. And each time you die, you have to wait until you can be resurected where you lay, or return to a Medical Droid in an undesired location which takes even more time to travel back to where you are leveling.

Detailed & comprehensive, step-by-step layout all broken up into easy to follow sections

Easy to follow Icon guide, Maps, Images even Videos for those tricky bits along the way

Detailed information on EVERY Mission, how to complete them where to go, what order and warnings where needed

We have listed conversation options to get the most Companion Affection Points while you level

Learn which Heroics can be solo’d by your Class How to do it, tricks n tips! With our Video Content

Learn how to Gear Up efficiently while you level, what to spend your credits on & what NOT to waste your credits on

Information & Videos on how and when to collect Datacrons as you level to save you coming back for them later

Information on Companions – Who they are, How to use them, Gift information & What… Read more…

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