Helicopter Training Syllabus

Helicopter Training SyllabusClick Image To Visit SiteHarry Helicopter Training Syllabus 101 page eBook explains and offers advice on every training sequence as found in a typical helicopter training syllabus.

PS: I have a lifetime update policy. When you buy the eBook, you will be added to my "Send New Version When Update" list, in order to keep you updated as things change.

Harry’s eBook is definitely not there to replace the school Certified Flight Instructor, it’s a training guide offering advice or suggestions.

Disclaimer. This web site/eBook cannot guarantee you any flying results based on advice herein. It is purely informative and acts as a training guide.

All information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. *Disclaimer: www.askharryhelicopter.com does not warrant any company, product, service or any content contained herein.

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