HOT CRUISE JOBSClick Image To Visit SiteIt is now possible. Finding your dreams at sea is much easier than you’d think. Take a moment to read this page, which will most likely change your life.

My name is Robert Winkler. For 10 years I worked aboard various cruise lines. I started from being a bus boy in the kitchen to being food and beverage director. After moving back to land I got a position as human resources manager at Carnival Cruise Lines. On my website I will reveal the secrets that will help you land a job on a cruise ship, even if you’ve been rejected before!

Hot Cruise Jobs has been available to cruise job agencies and recruiters for years. For the first time these industry secrets are revealed to people who want to find a better life aboard luxury cruise liners.

My Hot Cruise Job Action Plan, my online resources and my resume broadcast services will get you working on a boat in 3 months or less!

“Working on a cruise ship has helped millions escape their daily routines. If you’re not happy with where you live, the money you earn, the people who surround you, this is the ULTIMATE PLAN to find wealth, happiness and the new friends. I know I did. I was unemployed with lots of bank debt and no girlfriend. Getting a job on a cruiseship has changed my life. I am here to help you change yours.”

Cruise companies are constantly seeking new employees. Very few people pursue jobs on a boat as a long term career. We will not only put you in touch with the world’s largest cruise ships, but we’ll also show you how you can have your resume sent to them effectively, quickly and in a way that you’ll get hired.

It’s time you stop… Read more…

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