$ JUST OUT $ How to Make Money with Cell Phones and Mobile Marketing!

$ JUST OUT $ How to Make Money with Cell Phones and Mobile Marketing!Click Image To Visit SiteBecause There Are More Cell Phones On The Planet Than Automobiles, Credit Cards, Land-lines, Computers or TV Sets… WATCH VIDEO!

When Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, told the world at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 2010) that “Mobile is pretty much the answer to everything” it was suddenly clear which route to take. Making money is now shifting to cell phones and mobile marketing. He also stated that “Anything that Google creates from here on out will be first on the mobile platform and then worked around for the desktop”.

But why is Google, who has 70% of the search traffic globally, so keen on mobile? The answer is three fold: there are three times more cell phones in use than there are computers, and people generally keep their cell phones within three feet of them twenty four hours a day!

So, forget traditional internet marketing and learn how to make money with cell phones reaching your customers in a whole new and more direct way. Hurry, Get on Board Now and Learn how to Make Money with Cell Phones and Mobile Marketing!

The sole idea of this new Mobile Marketing industry is extremely exciting, with its astonishing number of cell phone users surpassing by three fold the number of PC users, and amazingly, I have not been able to find another program that will provide specific information on where to find hundreds of offers and products that can be purchased and delivered over a cell phone.

There is a very limited screen space to say everything you want to say on those first tree seconds when you have your viewer’s attention.  Constantly scrolling sideways on a cell phone in order to get your idea across is going to kill those first three seconds of attention… Read more…

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