PvP Ownage

PvP OwnageClick Image To Visit SiteWhy? Because dying sucks. Getting your ass handed to you by a guy in the latest season gear doing a happy dance on your corpse…that sucks even more.

Yeah, I’ve been there and I know how lame it can be to be kicked all over AV or the arena by a fifteen year old who probably has to ask to turn the computer on.

So I stopped dying and yeah it took some time. I had to practice…and practice some more…and oh, did I mention how much I practiced.

And most of that practice time was spent dying a LOT. But, hey – it was fun. I met good people. I got better, and more than all that – I got better.

Turn off Facebook. Shut down those WoW forums. Turn the damn TV off for once and PAY ATTENTION. I’m about to show you what it takes to actually be good in PvP.

If you want to be the best in PvP and have more wins than losses, load up on the best new PvP gear, and take home the titles and rare items that only top dogs get to buy, you don’t NEED to spend 30 hours a week practicing with a team of highly skilled ringers.

Here’s the thing about PvP. When you step into the ring with someone, there is NO certainty that they will use any one ability or that they will respond to you in the same way twice. This isn’t a raid boss. They don’t have shot rotations or emotes. They act when they want, how they want.

I’m not some big name guru or a Blizzcon invitee who blew everyone away with his mad PvP skills last year. I haven’t been to the… Read more…

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