WPSubscribers – Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin – Triple your opt-in list instantly

WPSubscribers – Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin - Triple your opt-in list instantlyClick Image To Visit SiteI am going to explain to you how a simple plugin WordPress named WP Subscribers multiplies by 6 my email subscription rate (from 0,9% to 6,1%) and… even more important… drastically increases my sales!

But, first of all, let me explain something important: you don’t have to increase your traffic to make more sales. Yes, that’s true! I’ll tell to you why right now…

But wait a minute! The last sentence is not some sort of wacko’s dream, but a reality for many web-marketers, bloggers and web-entrepreneurs who understand this critical point:

Yes it’s true, money is in the list! But before talking money, let me introduce myself! My name is Nicolas Pene and I’m a professional blogger. Yes, that’s it! I live entirely from my passion: blogging!

My revenues come from my products and affiliation (and, less than 10%, from ads). All this is coming from my WordPress sites and, more important, from my mailing lists!

As a professional blogger, today, I want to tell you a secret! Something I haven’t told anyone about my blogs! Do you want to know my little secret?

Here it is: more than 80% of my sales comes from my mailing lists! Yes, more than 80%! Another little secret: for the affiliation part, more than 90% of my affiliates commissions are coming from the emails I send!

You know, a few years ago I understood something crucial for my business (and yours)! More than an ad on your sidebar… More than an article… More than a specific and visible page on your site: eMails are the best and easiest way to convert your visitors into customers!

Do you want more emails? Do you want more subscribers to your list? Me too… Read more…

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